Welcome to my website home! 

Pack Design LLC is my own interior design firm in the Lake Norman/Charlotte area of North Carolina, specifically focused on the design of kitchen and bathroom spaces.  I hope that my website will be a useful tool to those of you considering installing or updating one of these very important rooms in your home.  As you may have discovered, the kitchen and bathroom are rooms that involve a lot of planning, and they represent a significant amount of investment, as they are usually the most expensive rooms in the home per square foot.  I hope to provide some general information throughout the site, and further details as you dive into my blog posts or subpages.  As you read through these contents, you may be able to narrow down the areas you need professional assistance with.  Whether your project is a major kitchen or bath renovation, custom cabinetry, a simple paint job, or a tile backsplash, I hope to be able to help you along online.  After all, the Internet is the most used resource for tips and information, and often design is a subjective topic, with countless opinions, sometimes contradictory.  The good news is that with a little education and some valuable experience, I can promise to be as objective as possible and delineate my opinions as such.

My blogposts are a way for me to address your specific questions or to share what is going on in the kitchen and bath industry, in the Lake Norman area, or other areas of design that I think you may find useful.  You’ll find the most recent posts to the right.  In addition, I have included PDF documents for you to print and use.  Please let me know if there is some information missing from the site that you would like to see included here.  I spend the majority of my time making suggestions to others about their spaces, so go ahead and return the favor and send along your ideas and tips for making this site work better for you!  

Any size project can benefit from a quick consultation with a trained interior designer, in order to fully evaluate your options, clarify your priorities and spatial needs, or to bring potential problems to your attention.  If you are remodeling for resale, it may help to get advice on what trends will help you to sell your home more quickly, and for a greater return on your investment dollar.  Depending on the scope of the project, a designer can ultimately save you time and money on a project by helping avoid pitfalls.  I like to offer clients unique solutions, detailed drawings, and a little visual flair while keeping in mind the all-important budget.

I promise to realize a design plan that reflects your individual style, and demonstrates some flexible options for storage and useability.  I believe that a perfect home space is not a ‘designer’ room, but is a ‘you’ room, reflecting your unique taste and style (However, if you suggest something completely horrible I will speak up).  Have fun exploring the site and I hope to hear from you soon! 

Andrea Pack


Interior Designer Allied ASID
Kitchen Consultant Member NKBA